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The Dream Becomes A Nightmare

May 1, 2011

Our Founding Fathers

     “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union”, this is the beginning to one of the most famous documents ever written. A document that laid the ground work of our government and was intended to protect the freedoms of individuals from that same government. This document was written to establish a great nation like none before it. A nation that would be ran by its people, for its people, to the purpose of creating equality between its social classes. This was the dream of our founding fathers, a dream that was paid for with persecution and blood.

     Even though they are revered in history, our founding fathers were a representation of all social classes, from wealthy plantation owners to bar tenders. They were a mix of people from various backgrounds that chose to take a stand for what they felt was right and just. These were men with great foresight; they knew that a country, in which its people were the government, would be strong. These were men with no grand political aspirations, they were simple men who wanted to be treated fairly by their government and also wanted that same right to be extended to their fellow man.

     Somewhere along the line of this great nation, the dream has changed. I believe that it started with the “Industrial Revolution”, a time when simple business men evolved into monetary giants, with the power and financial backing to take control of the government. They began to use their newfound influence, power, and money to buy politicians that would pass laws and regulations that benefited their profit margins. The “Industrial Revolution” gave birth to the lobbyist, that represent the needs of corporations, not the general public. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines a lobbyist as “one who tries to get legislators to support certain measures”. These measures are in the interest of the corporations, not the American people.

     Somewhere along the line, the dreams of founding fathers have turned into a nightmare for “We the people”. The margins of the social classes grow farther apart, pushed by those that have, while those that have not, continue to suffer. Corporations grow richer, politicians grow richer while “We the people”, sink into debt and poverty to support their greed. Need proof? Google a news report for Exxon’s 1st quarter profits this year, 11.2 billion dollars, while gas prices are at $4.00 a gallon. Of course, corporations like Exxon have to make high profits, this money is needed to buy politicians with campaign contributions and sexual favors, and these things don’t come cheap.

     Greed knows no bounds, as American’s wallets started to run empty, corporations needed to look at other avenues to increase their profits. How do you increase profit when Americans are broke? Lower expenses, corporations paid politicians to pass fair trade agreements to increase their profits. American jobs were sold to other countries for profit, but let’s give it a nice name, let’s call it outsourcing so we don’t offend anyone. Call it what you like, plain and simple, Americans were robbed of their livelihood by greedy corporations and the elected representatives supported it.

     Our founding fathers fought to erase tyranny from this country and with all their foresight, I don’t think that they could have foreseen the day when their dream would turn into a nightmare for the people they were trying to protect. If Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Henry, Adams, and Revere were alive today, the battle cry would be much different, “To Arms, To Arms, Corporate America Comes To Rob You Like A Thief In The Night”.

     I would like to leave you with this thought:  “If pro is the opposite of con, what is the opposite of progress?”

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